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The psychology of SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization and what you can do for your website much of what you need to consider in terms of actions and practices comes, inevitably, from your own development as a webmaster.


Your online presence and the way it operates may fall under one of many dozens of different business models but, ultimately, how it starts off, how it then develops and where it goes will depend on you and your preferences, which makes it, as a result, as unique a business as you are an inpidual. This is exactly where the psychology of SEO itself comes into play and begins to define your online search engine promotion priorities.


Naturally, every webmaster wants their website to be on the first page of Google. But that in itself is not enough if you are talking about a coherent SEO and online business promotional strategy. In the online world the ones who win big are those who start off with a clearly defined business model based on clearly understood landmarks and targets which in turn impact upon the normal routine search engine optimization and search engine promotion tasks such as creating targeted, very specific content, building a network of links which bring real value, increasing PageRank (PR) and developing the programming, website structure and social network activity which then begins to give you increased conversions from online visitors to online customers.


While the web, undeniably, presents us with an opportunity to work differently, utilizing resources in a much more efficient way and making huge savings along the way whilst increasing sales (of almost anything) it also requires the same application of ‘old thinking’ in terms of targets and methodology as anything done in the real world. Bricks and mortars demanded a logic which was made inescapable by the execution difficulties and limitations of anything attempted. On the web such limitations are largely removed. A single click in an email campaign can reach several hundred thousand people at next to no cost. A video clip which goes viral can be spread across the globe and be seen by tens of thousands with just a small investment in time.


The best use of these ‘new’ marketing abilities is made when they are governed by real-time concerns based on targets which themselves are governed by a clear understanding of the supply-and-demand dynamic. If all this sounds like a lot of hard work it’s because it is. If you have an online presence and are serious about developing it you definitely need to have a firm grasp on your market and what it is doing and it is only by developing this kind of thinking that you can then go on and develop the kind of SEO strategy which really delivers online results.


Those who fail to do so are only doomed to try out online fads and put into effect piecemeal online actions. These tend to either fall flat or produce partial results which fail to live up to the promise of the original action. Those who get caught up in this trap develop a psychology of SEO doomed to chase after the latest trend hoping that it will deliver the results they expect. Those however, who already have a clearly understood, online promotional strategy in place are already in a better position to assess what is happening online, prove immune to most SEO fads and start off with specific targets which need to be met and are able to then establish SEO practices designed to deliver the result they require.


You want to win on the online game? Develop the kind of promotional strategy which would work, in principle both online and offline and then adapt it to the online world using the tools the medium makes available to you.


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