Culture and Business

Intuitively we all know it: There is a culture change underway across the globe and it is making itself felt locally. Culture is created out of the synthesis of human knowledge, belief, and behavior and it's comprised of even more compartmentalized ingredients such as our shared outlook, attitudes, values, morals, goals, and customs that come together in the communal interface of our social constructs. An awareness of all this and its articulation is crucial to the ability of a business to evolve and adapt in order to overcome the challenges it faces. As it happens, the formula works for us as individuals too.

The Covid-19 pandemic is making itself felt in changes to consumer sentiment that reflect a change in priorities and the intrinsic value we ascribe to specific actions. A McKinsey survey of 45 countries across the globe tells the same story.

We already have seen in past articles how culture is the set of behaviors that changes the value of the data we perceive to be objective reality. The ingredients of culture such ideas, values and beliefs, in turn, affect context and change the perception of value.

How Data generates Culture which then creates Context that changes the value we ascribe to data

Marketing Needs To Change

The point of all this slightly academic analysis is to answer the simple question: what should we do in order to succeed in business? Success in business is simple. You need to find new customers and retain the old ones. That way a business grows and thrives. But this simplicity hides the underlying complexity of human-to-human and human-to-brand interactions where a brand is a promise made to those who become loyal to it.

Outward change cannot take place or be sustained, if it is implemented, without internal change also taking place. If the brand values we’ve so often talked about in the past, are not right then the experiential, functional and self-expressive benefits to its audience that a brand confers as a matter-of-course will not materialize.

The thing is that true, meaningful internal change at brand level has always been difficult to achieve. It requires commitment and resources that take energy away from the money-making activities of a business and has always been difficult to justify, as a result. Until now.

We are in a new reality. Global leaders in business and policy see this as “The New Reset” The ‘business as usual’ attitude ain’t going to cut it.

Deloitte carried out a survey that 82% of responders believed that culture in business, or rather the right culture in business, is a competitive advantage. The pandemic is a stressor that has cut across all the fudge to reveal the things that truly matter, underneath.

So, dear reader, whether you’re reading this to make your business better or you’re looking for a handle to better articulate and understand the changes you intuitively feel are happening around you, as a person, the question is the same: Being real is a real thing for a real reason, now that you know that; what are you going to do about it?