David Amerland

Three important SEO trends you need to keep an eye on

As the web itself is changing so is the world of SEO and what optimizers and webmasters who are interested in remaining current should be keeping their eye on. There are now three very important trends developing which will seriously impact on the way SEO is done in the near future.

Keeping an eye on trends is important because it allows webmasters and professional optimizers to think about what they need to communicate and how in order to have the greatest effect in terms of human visitors (the all-important traffic) and search engines.

The three main trends influencing SEO right now are:

1. The explosion of the Real Time Web - that’s predominantly Twitter and its ability go viral in seconds on the back of 140 characters. Apart from helping to keep messages succinct Twitter has added immediacy to its search reach as Google now indexes Tweets and serves them fast.

2. The widespread use of the social webFacebook leads the way by a huge margin here but there are many wannabes who are also taking a piece of the action and it is worth keeping an eye on all of these, establishing a contact and beginning to implement a shaped social web marketing campaign.

3. The website-less web – this may sound like a contradiction in terms but it is a trend which is beginning to develop in terms of applications and an interactive online presence which can be taken with each individual and implemented wherever they happen to be online. We see this now with PayPal buttons and mobile platform applications and it is a trend which will only increase.

These are emerging trends in that important as they may be, at present, they supplement rather than supplant traditional SEO and SEM practices and methods. By having them in your radar at this early stage and experimenting, whenever possible, you will be best placed to take full advantage of their SEO benefits the moment they develop.

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