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SEO Help makes Best SEO books list

SEO Help Makes Best SEO Books List

Every book is written with an audience in mind. Every author hopes he got it right. The truth is the journey is always so long and never straightforward that in the end we (and right now I am really talking about me) end up with a finished book the author is never 100% sure of in just how right he got its content.

SEO Help is no exception. Inspired by questions asked by corporate SEO teams during presentations, talks and workshops, over the period of a year, it pulls together 200 questions the answer to which allow the average webmaster or online entrepreneur to super-charge their presence in search.

I’ve been active in search, search marketing and content production for businesses since 1995. It’s a journey of many steps that have provided many insights. Each one has made the journey better, if not necessarily easier.

SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow made the list of Book Authority’s 58 Best SEO Books of All Time.

That, in itself, is pretty thrilling. To know that it has helped its audience consistently enough to be noticed, over time, is always vindicating. It is also sobering. As an author, each book is there to provide specific answers to specific problems. Sometimes laboring in relative obscurity is liberating. It frees the mind to make leaps of faith that a more cautious approach wouldn’t allow. An author who is mindful of his reputation is unwilling to squander it by making mistakes or producing work that may miss the mark. Yet, paradoxically, that’s where the most value lies.

It is only by aiming high and pushing the boundaries of prevalent wisdom that an author best serves his readers. He is, after all, (and I am using the masculine pronoun here only because this refers to me in this particular case) an explorer willing to risk it all for the sake of discovering something new.

So, in getting to this, where I can say that one of my books has been inducted in a “Best of all time” list, I also have to consciously and clearly pledge to myself that in now way will it make me less willing to take risks, make leaps of faith and do everything possible that serves my readers even if, from a certain perspective, increases the perceived risks to me.

Should there ever be the need for a motto to be engraved on my writer’s shield it will have to be: “You I Serve.”


SEO Help made it to the Best SEO Books of All Time

The best SEO books of all time

I'm happy to announce that my book, "SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow", made it to BookAuthority's Best SEO Books of All Time.

BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support!

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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