As I am writing this it is April’s Fool and I cannot help but reflect how the best joke is played on us on a daily basis by the PageRank perception of a website. To newbies, PageRank (PR) is a vital aspect of SEO because there is still the popular (and misguided) wisdom that a website with a high PageRank (PR) is going to perform better in terms of organic search engine ranking than a website which is lower down the PR food chain.
Google has fed these misconceptions by promoting the PR importance through its regular PageRank updates and has never done anything to debunk the role PR plays in a website as far as the Google search engine is concerned. To be fair Pagerank is important in terms of perception of a website’s credibility with visitors and it still has a lot of value when it comes to selling advertising with high PR websites commanding appreciably more.
This year, April 15th seems to be the date when Google will update the public side of its PageRank (PR) database which means webmasters and website owners will be watching tensely to see how their sites have faired. PageRank updates are important in terms of establishing a measure of how a website’s SEO efforts go as it takes a certain amount of link-building, traffic and quality links to raise it.
While Google updates its PageRank (PR) database approximately three times a year in truth the PR of a website is updated on a daily basis. The real PageRank is part of the core concept of a website’s performance and that performance determines its ultimate place in the organic search engine results pages (SERPs). Because websites positions go up and down on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis the PR which Google holds for a website on its index actually changes day by day and it is, apparently, very different from the public PR we all agonize over.