The Sniper Mind CD Cover

Decision-making is broken. All of us live in a fast-paced world with extreme volatility, information overload and constant distractions. In this environment we are asked to make decision using our expertise, second-guess trends and set up processes that we’re unsure even meet the task at hand.

How we handle all that, or fail to, is the stuff every social media crisis is made of and the reason so many businesses (and lives) fail to live up to their potential.

It’s true that life is messy. It’s unique for each of us even if we live in the exact same environment and are subject to the exact same circumstances. There is no manual that can guide us and should one ever be written it’s pretty much a given it will be obsolete even before it’s published.

So, here’s what can be done to fix all of this.

First, acknowledge the complexity. There are so many variables we cannot control that thinking about them and obsessing over their effect takes critical attention away from the things we can control.

Second, address the problem. Although we can all think, our thinking process is muddled and undirected. We need help and we need training to get it right.

Third, learn new skills. Sharpening our thinking skills, understanding why our brain behaves in specific ways and how we can then help it behave better allows us to develop cognitively, emotionally and psychologically.

In writing The Sniper Mind the aim was to answer a single question: how can we optimize our brain to think better? Keeping in mind that optimization is a hardwired imperative in the human brain the fact that we actually need to ask this suggests that the heuristics (internal mental models) that guide us do not always perform to our best interests.

To understand the widespread implications and impact a well-trained mind has consider the journey we covered in an SEMRush session:

The Sniper Mind is available on hardback, ebook and CD-format. You can read a sample here or listen to a sound file here.

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