Trust and how to build it

“What is Trust?” the very fact that we need to ask something so basic shows both the poor state of our understanding of what it is and the fact that we know now that trust is a requirement for a relational exchange of any kind to take place. 


In The Tribe That Discovered Trust I wrote: 

Trust is born with birth. It’s made real because of death. Let me explain this a little. Within family groups trust is implicit. While it’s never articulated or even discussed in any big way, it is always there. Why? Because we are born inherently weak and helpless and persist in that state for a really long time (from an animal survival point of view) and because we will revert to that stage, as we age.

The largely invisible mechanisms (because there are many) that allow us to determine how trust really works, how it is formed, propagated, lost and (maybe) regained have now become an ingrained part of our conscious digital lives. The book will be out at the end of September and I will be making announcements in G+ as time nears. 

In the meantime, if you want to be kept in the loop and hear about it first drop me a note with the word “TRUST” in the subject line and "Book" in the body text.  

David Amerland book on Trust