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Semantic search is a paradox that becomes easier to understand when you compare it to a car. In the early days of automobiles cars were so problematic that unless you were prepared to get your hands dirty there was simply no way you could keep them on the road. Even up to the 80s and 90s I had friends who ‘tinkered’. Spark plugs were pulled out to be replaced by some “super-contact” sure-started. Carburetor filters were thrown out to be replaced by whatever promised to do a better job, fuel lines were cut and pumps were interjected providing either better fuel efficiency or greater fuel flow. 

Today if you look at your average internal combustion engine you are hard-pressed to do anything beyond check the oil with the dipstick and top-up your windscreen washer fluid, yet you usually hardly have to wonder if the car is going to start the moment you press ‘Start’ or turn the key in the ignition. 

The point is that precision, efficiency and reliability, greater usability as a matter of fact, have come as a direct result of complexity. The same principle applies to search. Semantic search is a quantum leap in terms of computing. It is a quantum leap in terms of indexing the information Google’s bots find across the web and it is a quantum leap in terms of understanding the language used when searching and the end-user’s intent. And just like with modern cars, it has become easier to use. 

SEO Help for Practical Semantic Search 

SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that will Help Your Business Grow jumps straight to the things you really need to know. Skipping theory almost entirely it contains twenty practical steps that can be applied in any order on any online business and help it understand how to win on the web. 

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As SEO books go SEO Help is very action-steps orientated, right from chapter one. What helps the most with SEO however is not just having a book that’s easy to read with action steps that are easy to apply, but also some kind of support network. Usually, that’s supplied by a dedicated team at work or an SEO Agency that totally gets your needs but both of these cost a whole lot of money and SEO Help is supposed to help you save that. 

Luckily there is an alternative. Thanks to Google+ SEO Help has an online form created by Oleg Moskalensky of PCS which allows you to keep track of your progress as you go through the book and even create additional forms for your clients:

In addition there is a support Google+ community formed around the book where we cover each chapter in terms of questions, share tips and ideas and look at success stories and what can be learnt from them. 

In their entirety the book, the online form and the Google+ community form a complete SEO support network that will help you learn faster, work in a more structured way and make faster wins in your online business.