Transactional values motivate every human interaction

Writing is a stupendous thing. I type something on my laptop in English and through the magic of the internet and Google translate people in other countries who don’t even speak English can access what I’ve written, understand it; decode it inside their heads using their own perception as a filter and then, build on it by adding their own abstract thoughts to it.

Web Trends 2017 Mary Meeker Report

Running at some 355 slides long the Mary Meeker report, compiled by its eponymous author, has become something of a go-to Bible when it comes to spotting developing trends. This year it’s no exception. Because 2017 is going to be a decisive point where a number of new trends will disrupt established industries it’s worth looking at six particular issues that the report identifies and their impact on your marketing.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are good for business

The poster child for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) happens to also be “the most notoriously corrupt company in business history”. Enron whose name is now a byword for corporate greed, corruption and deceit on a truly remarkable scale, was also the deserving recipient of a climate protection award from the EPA, and a corporate conscience award from the Council on Economic Priorities.

United Airlines Broke Operational Trust

Trust is a means through which we navigate the future. If, every time we left our house in the morning, entered a retailer’s premises or engaged in an online transaction, we were faced with a wall of unknowns, the state of uncertainty and fear it’d generate would paralyze us.

The fragmentation of Google search

In the days when going online meant either staying home and staring at our desktop monitor or going to work and logging in at a desk machine search was the interface and its instantly recognizable “ten little blue links” format. 

Old Man Yells at Cloud as Google Updates Search

I’ve been writing about semantic search and ranking well on the web for so long that I forget that not everyone is on the same understanding when it comes to search.

How businesses shoot themselves in the foot

There is the classic scenario where a customer brings in a faulty device just a day out of warrantee. Or a clearly worn item is being returned for a refund. Both of these cases usually result in the person in the role of Customer Service failing to live up to the title of the position. 

How to generate engagement in your live digital video efforts

When it comes to generating trust in a digital video environment, we frequently take into account factors such as appearance, setup, form, style, expertise, knowledge, and subject matter, which are all important elements. But none of these will work quite the way you expect them to if there is an ingredient missing from the equation. That ingredient is engagement.

How the brain works out facts from falsehood

The way the brain determines whether something is true or false is key to our understanding why something that is false may appear to be true, why we can still be conned despite being educated, smart and successful and why search and marketing are now wading in that grey zone where facts and advertising hyperbole create an uneasy mix.

Identity is defined as a carefully curated narrative

Narrative is story-telling. Whether that story-telling is used to develop an individual’s sense of self or a brand’s identity the role is the same. It provides a set of attributes: