How businesses shoot themselves in the foot

There is the classic scenario where a customer brings in a faulty device just a day out of warrantee. Or a clearly worn item is being returned for a refund. Both of these cases usually result in the person in the role of Customer Service failing to live up to the title of the position. 

How to generate engagement in your live digital video efforts

When it comes to generating trust in a digital video environment, we frequently take into account factors such as appearance, setup, form, style, expertise, knowledge, and subject matter, which are all important elements. But none of these will work quite the way you expect them to if there is an ingredient missing from the equation. That ingredient is engagement.

How the brain works out facts from falsehood

The way the brain determines whether something is true or false is key to our understanding why something that is false may appear to be true, why we can still be conned despite being educated, smart and successful and why search and marketing are now wading in that grey zone where facts and advertising hyperbole create an uneasy mix.

Identity is defined as a carefully curated narrative

Narrative is story-telling. Whether that story-telling is used to develop an individual’s sense of self or a brand’s identity the role is the same. It provides a set of attributes: 

PewDiePie loses contracts and sponsorship over anti-Semitic content


Remember the 80s? A time when a brand used to pay a six figure sum for some well-known actor to get on TV and tell us in 40 seconds or less how great the brand was? 

Optimize your brain

What if I were to tell you that everything you do can be improved upon by you? That you can learn to do everything better. Nothing can exist if the mind cannot think it. Because in order for us to actually see something, much less understand it, our brain has to understand the component parts that make it possible and then compute the way that they behave in relation to each other, everything that occurs within our heads is the result of semantic connections.

The Art of the Con and Trust

News that “Bernard Madoff's victims will soon recoup another $252 million from the trustee unwinding the swindler's firm, boosting their total recovery to $9.72 billion.” raises the obvious question of how was it possible for him to dupe so many people for so long to such an extent?

Trust Building in company and social groups

When there is sufficient contact between two or more entities, over time, what started out as a Deterrence Based Trust relationship that was carefully framed by boundaries and edged with potential punishment now becomes a more equitable and better balanced Knowledge Based Trust (KBT) one.

Digital reality is fragmenting into Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Reality, as we know it, has become fragmented. That’s not necessarily a bad thing so stick with me for a moment. Something becomes fragmented when specific elements within it acquire sufficient weight to exist on their own forming, in the process, entire worlds as deep as the parent they split away from.

Countries, Branding and the Genesis Myth

When branding is a myth that actually works a country is no different to a brand. Its reputation and perceived value combine to create the intersubjective space necessary for it to acquire power that extends beyond its true capabilities.