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Omnity Semantic Search Engine

Semantic Search Engines and Google

It’s true that when you’re at the top everyone wants to pull you down. This is the same for brands as it is for people and Google is no exception. Part of this is natural selection, you automatically become the ‘target’ to beat. As a trailblazer your achievements become the benchmark others measure themselves by. 

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Is The Web Making Us More or Less Moral?

Technology and morality make for an uneven mix. There is always the feeling that we should agree on a Cartesian split, where we make the former the province of man and the latter can be ascribed to a higher authority (of some description) that we can safely ignore in our day to day lives. 

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Social Media Network Dynamic

Truth and the Social Network Space

Do social media networks make us dumber? Do they make us smarter? Are they prisms that focus and magnify our worst attributes, turning us into a digital mob that launches global witch hunts in a single click? Do they have the ability to bring out the very best of us, helping the innate trust towards others that we have within us, emerge? 

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Google Plus Functionality is great for sharing across the web

What if Google+ took over the Open Web?

When Google+ came along its remit was as obvious as its functionality was complex. It brought in individuals from the entire Google ecosystem and began, by degrees, to ascribe weight to their presence, expertise, connections, interactions and knowledge. It tuned profiles that used to be “strings” into people and entities that were proper “things”. 

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Trust and the question of Invisible Forces

Trust and how to build it

“What is Trust?” the very fact that we need to ask something so basic shows both the poor state of our understanding of what it is and the fact that we know now that trust is a requirement for a relational exchange of any kind to take place. 

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The Trust Issue

Trust Issues in business and politics

In my presentations and workshops for corporate heads and company execs I invariably ask a simple question: “You have just completed a complex deal and a 100-page, detailed contract has been signed by the other party, every point agreed, every page initialed. Finally done, you stand up to shake hands. The other party turns around and simply walks away. Do you trust them?”

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