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Has Google Instant changed the face of SEO?

Ever since Google introduced Google Instant the question has been how (and if) it will affect SEO. When it comes to search engine optimisation there are two schools of thought regarding this issue. There are those who say (quite correctly) that the introduction of Google Instant did not, in any way, change the Google search algorithm, therefore as far as SEO practices are concerned it should be business as usual and then there are those (who also quite rightly) say that Google Instant affects search end-user behaviour and is therefore significant.

What Can Businesses Learn from the Porn Industry?

What Can Businesses Learn From Porn

Before you start to raise your eyebrows, shake your head and start your eyes shifting left, right and left again, I am going to puncture your presuppositions by stating that I am actually looking at the business models employed by the porn industry.

How Microsoft handles SEO and what you can learn from it for your online business

We are all used to talking about SEO and thinking of keywords, blog posts and thematic linking across different parts of one website, but when it comes to a large scale online business, like Microsoft, the challenge becomes a lot more difficult and the solution which is applied can become a valuable lesson for those who may not necessarily have a business that large to optimize but who could benefit from the practices applied.

Personalized search is beginning to creep in plus the changing way of how content is really found

The web is a place where grown men break down and cry and kids fresh out of school walk away owning banks and flying in Leer jets. This ability to upset the status quo and present the new and fresh to the masses has created an impetus which still drives our economy.

The entire point of the web has been about personalization from the very beginning. The moment, back in ’95 those strident handshake modem tones were struck and we saw our first website we were hooked on the fact that now we could do just about anything in the small hours of the morning in our PJs.

The anachronism with capitalism

Money, the pursuit, lack and attempts to gain it, is a motive force which makes many things happen, including the need for SEO and internet marketing for online business, so a it is only fair to quantify the context in which all this activity occurs. Analysis always has the capacity to provide insights which then can change our behaviour. I am going to explore here a couple of ideas which have been central in guiding my business help writing namely, that money is always a means to an end and that unless there is a greater framework guiding our work life, work itself gets to be pretty meaningless.

Why downsizing is wrong as a business strategy

Why Downsizing is Wrong as a Business Strategy

There is a tendency by MBA course tutors to take past practices as gospel and serve it as the way to the future. The 80s (yeah, you know…sometime last century) shocked the business world because ‘jobs for life’ became a thing of the past as companies, facing a succession of recessions spaced every six or seven years apart shed staff, took on part-timers to do full-time jobs and introduced outsourcing in an effort to become more efficient.

Google instant’s ‘censored’ list of terms

When you are the world’s most popular search engine, fielding over a billion search queries a day censorship of any kind, however well-intentioned is most likely to land you in hot water. Google Instant is changing the way we use Google search and Google have placed some restrictions on what it can show in order to ‘protect the innocent’.

Basically it has altered the algorithm so that if certain words are input, even if they are immensely popular the results stop appearing for them and you then have to manually click yes, you want to go on and see them. Not much of a restriction in terms of safeguarding anything and you must wonder why it’s there at all if all it takes is a single click to make it go away. For example type in “bisexual” or “lesbian” in the Google search query field and Google Instant stops working.

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