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How Does Google+ Stack Up? – A Pictorial Tour

It’s just ten days since Google+ became a reality (by invitation only still) and in that time it has doubled in numbers (though there is no way to know the initial uptake) and created a wow phenomenon in the blogosphere.

Understanding the Future of Search and the Value of SEO

The reason we need SEO is because without it, nothing would really be visible on the web the way it should. Because it’s human nature we also try to squeeze as much additional exposure out of it as we can without crossing into the ‘dark side’ of Google’s penalties which can seriously affect a company’s ability to draw traffic from the web and damage its bottom line.

SEO and Online Success – Case Study

As an author I get hundreds of emails each week telling me how useful one of my books has been, making suggestions for titles or content and asking questions.

Success stories always catch my attention because they are the litmus test by which many of the practical books I write, are judged by.  This one happened to come on a day when I was swamped with requests for articles and the sheer pressure involved in completing the edits for my next book were taking their toll and I was beginning to lose perspective.

Why Working On Your Business Requires your Head to be in the Right Place

As I am writing this it’s Friday. The week has been hectic and I am preparing for the Google conference in Manchester. There are dozens of details which need to be finalized, I started the day with over 50 emails which will need to be answered, a magazine is asking me for an article on search and a website I usually write for has launched a new section on social media for which they have asked for content.

What Happens when you have no On-Page Optimization

In current SEO thinking there is always the question regarding the effectiveness of on-page SEO. Just how important is it? Google discards these meta tags and BING and Yahoo! have been giving them less and less importance. There is a tendency to ignore them which I always believe is wrong. Well, this month I got the chance to find out.

SEO and Social Media Marketing Creates Profit for Home Workers

Every time we enter a new crisis point the world changes. Back in ’87 (yeah, last century – totally) Black Monday created pressures for the Stock Market reform and pushed through computerisation as a way of seeing what was happening in the world of trade, quickly enough, to be able to avert disasters.

How Google+ Will Change Online Marketing

As I am writing this the soft-launch of Google+ is just a day old and the blogosphere and Twitter are abuzz with opinions, ideas and assessments. The nay-sayers remember Google’s failed attempts to create social networks before. Google Wave fizzed out and Google Buzz is, well, there. While, it’s true that Google failed with these it’s important to remember a couple of important facts.

How to Promote your Book – SEO Advice for Authors

SEO is a crucial tool for authors who want to promote their books

One of the subjects I frequently get emailed about is authors asking me how to promote their book using SEO. SEO Help has been on the Amazon best-selling charts for 79 weeks since it was published. At the time of writing it is#32 at Amazon.co.uk, #36 at Amazon.com and #54 in Amazon.ca. Online Marketing Help is #27 at Amazon.ca and in the top 50 in the UK and the US and Brilliant SEO is at #65 in the UK a full dozen days before it even became available to buy.

Why all Web Developers should Learn SEO

This is a borrowed title from Ian Lurie’s blog. Ian works in online marketing and I have been reading his writings for some time. He has a sense of humour which is disarming and I always find reading what he writes refreshing, particularly if I have just come back from a meeting with a corporate client where we have discussed ‘ROI’ (Ian hates the word) and ‘end-user interface dynamics’ (often I find myself wondering what the hell that really means).

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