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I have, of late, been putting out posts that take us down to the very fundamentals of who we are and what we do. I know, you know that I know you need a “three steps that help me do this” content because you’re busy, are juggling things and really, if you give me your trust (which I value) you want me to tell you to do three, four, five (a number, anyhow) of actionable things that will deliver what you want.

The Sniper Mind Giveaway

Decision-making is broken. All of us live in a fast-paced world with extreme volatility, information overload and constant distractions. In this environment we are asked to make decision using our expertise, second-guess trends and set up processes that we’re unsure even meet the task at hand.

Follow The Data

The war for hearts and minds online and offline is won by one thing and one thing only: data. Whatever label you care to slap on a business: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Starbucks, Walmart, without data they are empty shells.

SOPR: Public Relations and The Sniper Mind Challenge

Public relations has always been thought of as the kind of deal you make with the devil in order to increase your marketing reach and safeguard your reputation. Invariably seen by outsiders as masters of spin or peddlers of hype the industry has hardly been helped by the 21st century affliction with “fake news” and the blurring of the lines between what’s editorial and what is paid media.

The Empathy Curve and Your Online Identity

The greatest challenge on the Web in the twenty-first century is to connect with your target audience in a way that enriches both them and you. For that to happen, beyond the glitz and gloss of “professional” styling you have to connect at a level that is personal enough to dispel misunderstandings, overcome perception barriers, and create the kind of trust that produces long-term business relationships. 

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