Every business decision and marketing initiative dynamically see-saws between two states respectively called “Perfect” and “Ready”.

“Perfect” reflects everything we do not control. All the external factors that should they ever come together for us would create the perfect moment for what we want to do.

“Ready” is what we expect to have in order to get the job done.

Here’s the thing. Perfect never comes and we are never ready. We always need something extra, something “more”. When what we are planning to do is difficult the see-saw between “Perfect” and “Ready” becomes a handy dialogue of excuses that prevent us from getting the job done.


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The world is changing. Not overnight and not all at once, but it is changing nevertheless. In my talks to corporate groups, CEOs, VPs and industry leaders I gleam insights of how this change is happening. What evidence exists. Why some things happen and not others and how we can best take advantage of it all to do better. In Observations I catalogue it all. Brief, to the point and open to discussion.