Male pandas reach to 6ft in height and weigh over 100kg. They are as strong and powerful as you’d expect any bear to be.

To survive, panda bears spend up to 14 hours each day filling up as much as 27 pounds of bamboo, shoots, leaves and roots. That’s because, despite their size they have failed to evolve. Unable to find alternatives to whatever game they lived off in the past, they have moved to a mostly plant-based diet for which they are not well suited.

As a result, each panda bear, strong and powerful as it may appear to be, is on a calorific knife edge. A relatively small perturbation in its day may send it over into the negatives and begin to impact on its long term survival.

There are lessons in this businesses could learn from. How many times does a seemingly healthy business survive on a tiny margin of profit? Holding on without a plan and trying nothing new because it appears risky locks a business down into a mode of survival that consumes all its resources and yet produces zero progress.

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