Every company insists that its employees are its most valuable commodity.

Employees often say that working in a particular place feels like being with a family.

Here’s an easy test to separate the truth from the hype: explain, as clearly as possible, what it would take to replace one employee – whatever position: top level manager or lowly office junior.

If all we need is an advert and a job description then everyone is living a lie.

Companies that value their employees invest in them to the point that they are ready to branch out on their own and then they try to help them grow even more. Employees that are engaged in their workplace bring to the table a host of skills, knowledge and experience that is not covered by the job description. They seek to find ways to make up for the gap created by their absence by overcompensating in the requirements of their replacement. They frequently volunteer to mentor them or arrange for specific mentoring to take place. They talk about culture, bonding, getting to know the ropes and learning new skills. The Replacement Test reveals, very quickly, the true value of the company/employee connection. 

Run the test. See what happens.

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