David Amerland

The Value of Your Employees

Every company on the planet pays lip-service to the idea that its employees are valuable and that everyone working in the business matters. Until, that is, we look at bottom-line economics.

Then all that matters are the numbers on the balance sheet.

Companies that forget the connection between the health of those numbers and the way their employees feel are burning time until the next big crises hits them. They work on a culture of fear where job security is the bargaining chip for work quality.

To see exactly where you stand on this scale ask the simple question of who is after your employees? If they are sought after just because they worked for you the chances are that you operate a culture of empowerment and self-development where those working in your business are engaged and invested to produce the best work possible.

If the economics of scarcity do not apply to your workforce you’re burning people in pursuit of profit at a time when you should be focusing on people in order to remain profitable.

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