David Amerland

Vision vs Data

"I work with vision not data."

I’ve heard that many times in branding meetings, and each time it’s mentioned this happens:

  • Objective measurements are discarded
  • Quantifiables are completely ignored
  • Data-driven attributes are disregarded
  • Subjective opinion is used as a metric
  • Success becomes subject to a massive (and unrealistic) commitment of resources

Those who follow this path will tell you they’re artists. Their vision uncompromising, overlooking perhaps the fact that even artists require some kind of data to understand the appeal of their work and price it accordingly.

When it comes to company branding an artistic vision requires data in order to link what is implemented to a company’s goals of increased market share and more customers. It requires data to show any kind of success as part of branding. Those who start with the premise that vision alone is enough operate at a disconnect that places the burden of success on the sheer amount of money a company is willing to spend and not on the value of the activities branding involves.

What’s in play at your company: Vision or Data?

The world is changing. Not overnight and not all at once, but it is changing nevertheless. In my talks to corporate groups, CEOs, VPs and industry leaders I gleam insights of how this change is happening. What evidence exists. Why some things happen and not others and how we can best take advantage of it all to do better. In Observations I catalogue it all. Brief, to the point and open to discussion. 

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