David Amerland

Why Everything is Wrong in Business

“Hi. Please sit there. Now lie to us. We are really looking to hire the best liars.”

If businesses took this approach to their staff interview process they’d probably get much better hires than they have at the moment.

Here’s what a business really needs: a total alignment of its brand values with every employee and a tightly coordinated approach so that each individual in the business fits in nicely with those around them and helps amplify the impact of their efforts.

Here’s what a business really gets through its interview hire process: people who really need a job.

Does this sound like the two processes match?

As consumers we’ve gone way past the stage where a business used to tell us just how great its products are and we just believed them. We now do our due diligence. We look for reviews, seek the opinion of others, try to independently verify that the business or brand is worth our money and attention.

Businesses on the other hand are still hiring in a traditional way, seeking to measure the effectiveness of what they do by their capacity to fill vacant job positions.

How do you hire people in your organization?

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