Disrupt Your Business Or Risk Losing It

By definition a comfort zone is the place where a business, just like an individual, is cruising. Resting on its laurels and enjoying some hard-earned rest, living on its market share and position. 

Change is what drives us forward. Change is expensive, dangerous, unpredictable, disruptive. No one changes unless they absolutely have to. By the time the absolute need for change comes there is a real scramble for survival because things have changed and a business needs to adapt and evolve or become a statistic of Darwinian selection. 

It takes a really clever business to choose to disrupt itself. To drive change from within, instead of having it forced upon it from without. That type of business is secure in its identity, clear in its core values, defined in its mission statement. It sees the world as full of opportunities instead of threats. It sees change as the next natural step instead of extra, hard work. 

Those who fail to embrace disruption fail because of it.    

The world is changing. Not overnight and not all at once, but it is changing nevertheless. In my talks to corporate groups, CEOs, VPs and industry leaders I gleam insights of how this change is happening. What evidence exists. Why some things happen and not others and how we can best take advantage of it all to do better. In Observations I catalogue it all. Brief, to the point and open to discussion.