David Amerland

Communication in Your Business

Communication is defined as the act of giving or receiving news and information. In getting this information from point A to point B however something is lost, or something is added. Information is never neutral. In its possession and conveyance we usually interject:

  • Ego
  • Power
  • Identity
  • Tribalism
  • Reputation

So an activity that should naturally give rise to the other definition of communication: “means of connection between people or places, in particular” becomes part of the problem, instead of the solution. Unnecessarily. 

The world is changing. Not overnight and not all at once, but it is changing nevertheless. In my talks to corporate groups, CEOs, VPs and industry leaders I gleam insights of how this change is happening. What evidence exists. Why some things happen and not others and how we can best take advantage of it all to do better. In Observations I catalogue it all. Brief, to the point and open to discussion. 


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