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How To Make Ethics and Business Work

We need good companies more than we need business. No one works alone. Nothing happens in a vacuum. The choices we make and the way we make them send a signal on what’s permitted and what isn’t. This creates parameters of acceptability which reverberate further than we think.

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How You Can Become Smarter

The businesses that do better than others are consistently smarter. They hire smart people and give them a free rein. They encourage a culture of openly sharing of ideas. They place greater value in being innovative than being right all the time. They are not afraid to try out new things and they are not afraid to fail.

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Doing The Right Thing

Doing the right thing costs. If it didn’t we wouldn’t be calling it such. We’d just be saying “doing the thing”. We add the distinction because we are looking for a justification. We are presenting an action as problematic. We are identifying that it ought to be done but we are also preparing reasons why we may not do it. 

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Saying The Things We Mean

I was on the Bloomberg website for all of three seconds when the pop-up appeared: “"We noticed you're using an ad blocker, which may adversely affect the performance and content on Bloomberg.com. For the best experience please whitelist the site.” It said. 

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Do You Still Want To Be a Market Leader?

Every time I come across a business that wants to be a market leader I know what they are thinking about: A big, fat check. The massive pay-off that comes with being at the head of the pack, the reputational value of being first and being perceived as somehow being better. Everyone in the boardroom starts seeing dollar signs the moment they hear the words “Market Leader”.

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The Disconnect

There is a fundamental disconnect between business and ethics. When Volkswagen and Microsoft blatantly lie and cheat and nobody within the organization, at any level, has the courage to say that it’s wrong it leads to a break between the values they profess to uphold publicly at the customer-facing interface and what they are really prepared to do when no one’s looking.

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