Every business place is a competitive environment. Those within it compete internally, with each other, and externally with competitors. The approach manages to bridge a gap between what a business does internally and what it does externally that, paradoxically, values and branding doesn’t.

Communication is defined as the act of giving or receiving news and information. In getting this information from point A to point B however something is lost, or something is added. Information is never neutral. In its possession and conveyance we usually interject:

When we look at all the data that comes from people there is a paradox at work. We are all similar enough for meaningful patterns to emerge and for our behavior to be predictable. Yet from a distance at least we all behave uniquely differently. The overlap of our motivations filtered through the prism of culture.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." Sun Tzu may have been talking about war but he was really offering a chicken or the egg question.

There are many paths to becoming a customer-centric business that makes full use of technology to create a unique customer experience at every possible touchpoint.

Businesses hire people based on their CVs which they insist must be detailed, going back to the first job delivering papers and listing every hobby, passion and character-building activity. They do that because they hope that by looking at the hard skills: the degree, the certification, the schools their employees went to and the Colleges they attended, they will somehow be able to divine the soft skills.

The CEO sends the memo round. “Great job!” Product X (a film in this case) is ‘Da Bomb’ “awesome work team”, except, of course, this is not the case. Reviewers are not happy. More importantly social media is full of negative comments and valid observations. The world is now transparent.

When Volkswagen cheated on its nitrogen oxide emissions tests it did what every company that lies does: it took a shortcut.

Typically, thousand-year reigns is the stuff the dreams of madmen and tin-pot dictators are made out of. Japan however manages to also have millennia-old businesses and is currently home to more than 50,000 that are over a century old.

What if I were to write my entire blog in comic sans font? What would change? From the perspective of its content nothing. The words, knowledge and expertise would be exactly the same. Yet the perception of its value would change because of the associations with the font. Readers would assume, quite rightly, that the intention is less than serious or that there is a stunt hidden within the execution, somewhere.