It takes so much effort to source, prepare, present, sell and resupply a product that those who sell them forget that their role is not to sell at all.

Customers who decide to do business with you have already gone through their decision tree. Through conscious deliberation or circumstances they know what they are prepared to spend and they have thought about why they spend it. 

"I work with vision not data."

Every business has a lot of moving parts any of which can derail a business if it goes just a little bit wrong. That’s why it takes so much energy to just keep a business afloat, never mind ahead.

Every problem in business starts small.


The moment there is a crisis point with either staff or customers, leadership steps in. The CEO will denounce the situation and reiterate company values. There will be lectures on what the company stands for. There may even be specific workshops created for the purpose. 

“Hi. Please sit there. Now lie to us. We are really looking to hire the best liars.”

The moment I mention “team-building” in a corporate environment I get two distinct reactions. Top management smile sagely and point me to all the initiatives held, budgets spent and courses created in order to build a “more effective team” because, of course, everyone in the business “is part of one big family”.

Yes, I’ve brazenly borrowed the title from Jane Austen’s brilliant classic and there is good reason for that. 

We spend a lot of time talking about brand values and how to project them so that our audience can understand what they are and bond with the brand. We discuss work ethics and how to attain environments in which being ethical doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order to be profitable.