Imagine a work place where everyone communicated with each other solely via email, memos and reports.

“What am I doing wrong?” asked no CEO ever.

Businesses use many metrics to tell them how they’re doing. Some of it are entirely self-congratulatory.

We pay employees to get their work done. Job retention is subject to job performance. There is a whole apparatus arrayed around that designed to remind everyone that they have “work to do” and just get it done.

The GDPR initiative is now a thing and implementation, as always, will throw up its own curves.

Just because a process in your business goes unchallenged, and maybe unnoticed, doesn’t mean it has no impact.

Every workplace and every business has processes. They are an efficient way to transform the energy of the employees into meaningful output and measurable outcomes. That’s how the business moves forward.

Everyone makes mistakes. All the time. The difference in an organization is that those whose mistakes have huge impact are usually in a position to hide them. Everyone else below them is transparent and subject to being censured.

Every company on the planet pays lip-service to the idea that its employees are valuable and that everyone working in the business matters. Until, that is, we look at bottom-line economics.

Most businesses start the morning the same way: people get in, grab a cup of coffee and get on with their day’s work, which varies with each business.