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The Strength of Weak Ties

Back in 1973 a John Hopkins sociologist by the name of Mark Granovetter studied the dynamics of networks in the hope of finding the bridging points between macro-level predictions (made by social theory) and micro-level interactions that seemed to somehow affect everything.

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Pay Attention

Attention is more than courtesy. It is a conscious decision to allocate cognitive resources. The things we pay attention to are the ones that are key to what we do. They become priority in our day. They demand the most resources to monitor and maintain.

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Know Your Value

Content creation is always about relationship building. The moment a piece of content is read a relational exchange takes place. This literally cannot happen without trust of some description being present. That first instance is your Contact point. What happens next will depend upon the perception that initial contact creates. The perception will be weighed in terms of the value the content has delivered against time spent reading it. At that point it is either all over or it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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Be Human

We are all squeezed for time. Each thing that lands in front of us is “urgent”. Everything we do is pressured by timelines imposed by others. In all this pressure we forget the ultimate basic. We act like we are no longer human.

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Hiring For “Intangibles”

The qualities we measure for in business are education, previous career path and experience. We hope that by studying the past as closely as possible we are mitigating the risk involved in hiring a stranger and trusting him to work in a business.

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Corporate Leaders Need to Get Digital

You don’t have to know everything about the things you make decisions on. That’s what advisors are for and why you often hire outside consultants. You do, however, need to roughly know what you’re talking about.

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Take The Watermelon Test

When I can I visit street markets selling fruit and vegetables, especially in the summer. Local growers sell fresh produce at really competitive prices. There is a subtext here in that they’re not always cheaper than the supermarket price, but the produce is a lot fresher and produced in a much more careful way.

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Strategy and Tactics

Let’s borrow a couple of military terms (because they dovetail nicely in the corporate mentality of business as a regimen of discipline and application) and let’s call them “Strategy” and “Tactics”. Most executives will confuse one with the other but the two are not interchangeable.

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