Despite it being so easy to say communication is one of the hardest things to get right so that it lives up to its name.

Every business decision and marketing initiative dynamically see-saws between two states respectively called “Perfect” and “Ready”.

“Disruption is killing us.” I overheard this at a meeting recently. One Head of department to another. It’s marketing. 

Here are two truths: Every organization proclaims that it takes pride in what it does and, by association, takes pride in its people.

Gym truths and business reality often coincide for the same reasons: biology and economics make it difficult to lie to oneself for long.

Male pandas reach to 6ft in height and weigh over 100kg. They are as strong and powerful as you’d expect any bear to be.

Anyone who has ever had a dog will understand this one:

Customer service is full of known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

Traditionally this is the time of the year when two things happen:

Every company insists that its employees are its most valuable commodity.