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  • Can you Get Past the Obvious? How to Make your Marketing Really Work

    Online Marketing has still not managed to leave behind the long tradition of substanceless gloss which came from advertising.

    I often remember, with mixed feelings, the commercials of my youth where a guy in a lab coat and a clipboard advised women just what detergent to buy. We may laugh at the stereotype which is loaded with enough cultural signifiers (yep, it’s gonna be that kind of post) to write an entire book about, but in our hip and knowing, ad-resistant and social-media-aware times we have still not managed to get past the stereotypes, ourselves.

  • How to Make Your Video Go Viral in Four Easy Steps

    How to make a video go viral
    A viral video is not just a term on every marketer’s wish list. It is also a phenomenon which has deeper cultural implications and shows a lot about how we connect to content through the web.