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  • Nine Ways Facebook Betrayed Our Trust

    Nine ways facebook betrayed our Trust

    Facebook opened to the public on September 6, 2006 creating the world’s first popular social network and, in the process, changing the online, personal contact experience forever. Facebook gave us the first truly sticky website, it created the first matrix of social interconnections with its Social Graph and it became the reason social media marketing became what it currently is.

  • Society

    Society and how it works
  • Sunday Read

    The Sunday Read Start
  • The Challenge Of The Changing Face Of The Web

    End of the Sunday Read (and why)
  • Why are People Poor?

    Why are people poor? Seems like we still do not know.

    It’s such a simple question. Right? We would like to believe that it has an obvious answer. Someone’s poor because they did not get a great education, did not have every opportunity available to them, their parents did not encourage them, their teachers ignored them, their employer did not help them develop, someone, in short, somewhere, did not do their job right. The system let them down.