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  • Anger

    Anger and the sunday read
  • Bullying

    Bullying and how it affects us
  • Human

    Sunday Read what it really means to be human
  • Sensemaking

    Sensemaking today requires a new approach
  • Shooting Elephants and Your Online Reputation

    Bob Parsons shoots elephants and his business reputation

    Online reputation management is a huge issue right now but here’s a crash course you need to nail on your office wall: 1. If you engage in blood sports keep it private 2. If you engage in blood sports do not link your company name to it 3. If you violate rules 1 & 2 do not then use childish arguments to justify what you did.

  • Sunday Read

    The Sunday Read Start
  • Why are People Poor?

    Why are people poor? Seems like we still do not know.

    It’s such a simple question. Right? We would like to believe that it has an obvious answer. Someone’s poor because they did not get a great education, did not have every opportunity available to them, their parents did not encourage them, their teachers ignored them, their employer did not help them develop, someone, in short, somewhere, did not do their job right. The system let them down.

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