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  • Understanding the Future of Digital Marketing

    Understanding the future of digital marketing

    From where we are standing there are only two available paths that lead into a future that make sense. One takes us into a world where “digital” and “real” are indistinguishable from one another. They become labels that describe the landscape we operate in at the moment in time when we need to access information. It is information and capabilities then (i.e. functionality) that begin to define which layer of the whole we are in and the edifice, in its entirety, is called Augmented Reality (AR). 

  • WAQ19 Conference in Quebec City

    WAQ19 Conference in Quebec
  • What Happens After The Pandemic Is Over

    The world after the pandemic has passed
  • What if we Had a New Value System for Goods and Services?

    Maybe the time has come to apply a new value system on transactions in our world.
    This is a thought experiment. My posts on SEO, social media and marketing, reach these days into realms which I would not normally consider. Such is the pervasive power of social media to disrupt traditional notions of value and the traditional ways of doing things that over the last eight weeks I have written in-depth, detailed posts covering parenting, obscure US legislature, the law-making process, the nomenclature of bread and whether our focus on common sense sometimes circumvents logic.

  • Why Branding is the Space Where Your Business Values Meet Your Customers’ Minds

    Branding takes place in the mind of consumers

    Every business understands the value in branding, but few get the values of branding. In presentations I’ve often discussed how branding now cannot be separated from other business considerations like search, content creation, a social media presence and the core values that make a business what it is. 

  • Words That Are Overused

    “Disruption is killing us.” I overheard this at a meeting recently. One Head of department to another. It’s marketing. 

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