David Amerland

Intentional by David Amerland


  • Connections

    The connection changes everything
  • Four Common Sense Causes That Fail the Logic Test

    Common sense scenarios which trap our logic
    As a species we are inherently irrational. We are subject to our biology which still fires our neurons with inappropriate responses because it has not yet advanced from the days when ‘threat’ equated to ‘life or death’. Yet our day-to-day life is governed by processes which have a logical underpinning and we are judged through rational measures which lead to tangible results. The disparity makes us secretly psychotic (something which we fight against all the time), capable of snapping almost at any time our tolerance threshold is passed and unable to objectively address vital issues which in themselves should be obvious.

  • Logic

    Logic and the way we think
  • The White Rabbit

    The White Rabbit reference and Easter