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  • Four 2019 Trends That Will Change Everything

    Four trends that will change 2019
  • How Sears Plans to Take on Amazon (and why it won’t work)

    Practical Business Lessons

    In boxing, where the margin for error is razor-thin, there is a way to describe anyone who simply looks at an opponent and plans to take him on his strengths with equal strengths. It’s called “cruising for a bruising”. It suggests the match will be spectacularly painful and probably one-sided.

  • Passion for What You Do Cannot Be Replaced by Anything

    Passion for your work is the secret sauce of business
    Everyone knows that the holiday sales season is make or break and perhaps none more so than in retail. In an unforgiving market and a tough economy casualties are to be expected. Sears Holdings, which owns Sears and K-Mart, both iconic US retail chains announced, on the last day of the year that up to 120 stores would be up for the chop.

  • The Dog Effect

    Anyone who has ever had a dog will understand this one:

  • The Myth of Maintenance

    Gym truths and business reality often coincide for the same reasons: biology and economics make it difficult to lie to oneself for long.

  • The Panda Effect

    Male pandas reach to 6ft in height and weigh over 100kg. They are as strong and powerful as you’d expect any bear to be.

  • The Pride Response

    Here are two truths: Every organization proclaims that it takes pride in what it does and, by association, takes pride in its people.

  • The Trap of Wishful Thinking

    Every business decision and marketing initiative dynamically see-saws between two states respectively called “Perfect” and “Ready”.

  • Throw Away the Tea Leaves

    Traditionally this is the time of the year when two things happen:

  • Who’s Job Is It?

    Customer service is full of known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

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