The SEO and Online Marketing books I write have a practical bias. They are intended to help you do things first and then learn through doing rather than teach you principles which you need to understand, analyze and then apply. 

I still get many emails asking me to recommend one of my books so this is a handy guide for those of you who are trying to decide which book is best for your needs.

Developing a working framework to generate trust in your business

Trust is the gear upon which everything runs. Without trust no relational transaction of any kind is possible. trust itself takes many different forms depending upon context and the circumstances of each participant in the equation. The Tribe That Discovered Trust is a multi-layered book on trust. It details what trust is, in the first place. how it is gained, measured, increased, lost and regained. There is a narrative on trust that acts as a workshop allegory. It is followed by exercises and detailed chapters with questions to help you develop your own working framework of trust. 

If you are working online in any capacity, if you have a brand, a business, a startup, then this book will help you work more effectively, more transparently and more productively.

I Need Help With Business Decision Making, Focus and Purpose

The Sniper Mind is a cross-over book that goes deep in the world of neuroscience, elite athletes, pilots, baseball players and basketball players to give the answer to the simple question of how do we learn to be exceptional in our decision-making when we are under pressure. How, exactly do we overcome the natural sense of fear and uncertainty that overwhelms us? How do we learn to be focused and get the job done? 

Based on over 100 interviews with former and active snipers from elite forces from across the world it looks at how exactly ordinary people learn to train their minds to perform so well under pressure and what can we, in the business world, learn from it all so we can become better at it. 

I have had hundreds of emails from readers thanking me for writing it and they have all said, in one form or another, "this is not an easy book". I agree. Though I tried really hard to simplify its concepts and have used as ordinary, everyday language as possible, you will still have to think about it carefully and determine just how much you can internalize so you can change the way you operate. The one guarantee I can give you is that "The Sniper Mind" will definitely help you change the way you see the world. One reviewer said that she "wasn't ready for it to be over". I agree. If you want to know more before you take the plunge there is a website for the book, with a lot of helpful articles and resources. 

I am New to Semantic Search

If this is your first foray in Semantic Search and you want to make sure that you understand the basics and want to know what online tools are available for you in order to increase the visibility of your website then SEO Help is the perfect book for you. 

SEO Help is divided into twenty chapters, each of which is a 'step' towards increasing the visibility of your website to Google's search. It lets you know many of the basic things you need to know without getting bogged down into theoretical details and it does so in a plain-English, easy to understand way. It was written as the first of a planned trilogy of Online Success Series of books. It has now been fully updated with over 90% of new material detailing twenty new steps you need to take into account to optimize your website in the new semantic web. Very light on theory it is extremely practical. If you are pressed for time and eager to start, then this should be your very first book. 

I Want To Start Using Google+ Hangouts on Air for my Business

Hangouts on Air are a powerful, disruptive tool that creates the only viable shortcut we have today to build brand equity, authority and an online reputation. Google+ Hangouts for Business addresses both the "How" and the "Why" you need in a way that allows you to take one of the most powerful technologies Google+ has to offer and use it to power your business to a new level.

Audio-visual technology, of course is not new. Nor is video conferencing. What is new is the ability to have free access to a powerful, stable platform that allows you to use it plus the fact that it is now closely linked to semantic search. It becomes an additional signal Google uses to understand relational connections. Videos can now be search engine optimized easily, they get indexed fast and they can be repurposed and used in a wide variety of situations. 

Beyond the additional functionality that they bring to bear Hangouts on Air (HOAs) also have a number of unique psychological pressure points that drive them. Understanding them is key to success. We are in the age of the visual web. Hangouts On Air are the only viable shortcut there is to creating branding authority and generating trust. This book gives you everything you need to get started doing HOAs the right way.  


I Want To Get to Grips with Google’s Semantic Search

Semantic search is a real challenge for search engine optimizers and webmasters alike. Many of the traditional SEO techniques fail to work the way they used to and some can be even downright damaging. In Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Gets Your Company More Traffic, Increases Brand Impact and Amplifies Your Online Presence I peel back the wrapper behind semantic search.

You get to find out what it is, how it works and what to do to help your websites become more visible. Useful for webmasters, professional SEOs and corporate execs running an agency, this is a practical book that broadens your horizon of search engine marketing. It is extremely accessible and helps you understand much of what you need to know on a highly technical subject. I use very little jargon throughout and all of it is explained.  

Full of step-by-step actionables plus a mind-focusing questionnaire at the end of each chapter, Google Semantic Search will help you future-proof your online presence against any search update. In the semantic web this simply has to be your primary go-to book. 

I Want to Understand Social Media

The Social Media Mind: How social media is changing business, politics and science and helps create a new world order is the perfect book for this. The book covers social media and its development, but it also examines the fundamental principles which guide it. It looks at what is different and what isn't and examines both theoretical and practical applications of social media and social media marketing which you can put into effect in your own business. 

With plenty of examples, detailed research and evidence to back its arguments The Social Media Mind is not just a practical social media marketing book you can use to take your business to the next level but, also, a blueprint on how social media can be used to fundamentally change much of our world.

in The Social Media Mind you learn what works and what doesn't but you also begin to understand why. The fundamentals of social media are different than those of let's say SEO or traditional Online Marketing The message here and the thinking behind it are every bit as important as the channel. Understand this and you have then grasped social media as a whole. You can use it anytime, anywhere and get results. This books is the key to showing you how. 

I know a little about SEO

If you have gotten your hands 'dirty' with SEO a little before and now need to quickly put some SEO principles to work on your website then Brilliant Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the book for you. 

Brilliant SEO is a visual, step-by-step guide which takes you through many SEO basics in a way which is designed to save you time and help you understand what you have to do, quickly. The book is divided into ten, easy-to-follow, detailed chapters which will help many webmasters successfully optimize their websites.

I Need some Help with Online Marketing

Online Marketing Help is the second volume in the Online Success Series of books. Although it is intended to help you with your online marketing it takes into account both the fact that you need to save time in your online activities and work on your SEO. 

As optimization has been moving, in some aspects of it, towards online marketing so does online marketing has been moving a little towards optimization. Online Marketing Help takes all this into account giving you in one, complete, package all the tools you need to take advantage of social networks and successfully market your website while, at the same time, impacting positively upon your SEO status.

I hope this has helped you make a better informed decision as to which of these top, how-to practical business books is right for you. If you still need to check anything do not hesitate to contact me.

I Need A Quick SEO Fix For My Business

Although SEO can be pretty technical it does not have to be rocket science. There are still many simple steps that can be taken to help get your website to Google’s first page. Getting to No. 1 on Google in Simple Steps is a practical book that takes much of the hard work involved in the search engine optimization of a website, away.

Beyond the practical approach the book comes with a handy trouble shooting guide that helps identify and solve some of the most persistent SEO issues webmasters face. Frequently, in SEO, the last thing you really want is to have to go through reams and reams of dense writing in order to understand something simple. Well, Getting to No. 1 on Google in Simple Steps is designed to give you exactly the kind of quick, practical, time-saving SEO advice you need in order to get your website to work well in Google’s search results pages (SERPs) so that you can focus on running your business.

In search engine optimization there are no ‘replacement’ books. SEO knowledge serves you best when it accumulates. This book builds on the work of its predecessors and gives you what’s new, fresh and practical in SEO.