Insights That Help Explain How A Rapidly Changing World Affects Your Business

I trained as a Chemical Engineer who specialized in quantum mechanical perturbations in laminar flow processes, before stumbling into the world of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and branding via mathematics. I am the author of over a dozen books on business, marketing and search including The Tribe That Discovered Trust and the best-selling Google Semantic Search. I write for Inc., Forbes, and HP UK and I blog extensively on this site about business, human behavior, behavioral economics and social media. When I'm  not writing or surfing the Web I spend time giving speeches internationally on how search, social media and branding are changing. For reasons better explained below I do this, these days, remotely. 

The digital world is changing fast. Many of these changes apply pressure to the offline one. I help make sense of the change by providing an independent, detailed view of the picture that is emerging.    

In addition to the books I write, I also advise a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites , including Forbes,, Imassera  and Social Media Today and write for a number of high profile magazines and newspapers.

If you think we can work together drop me a line through my website or reach me either on Twitter or my LinkedIn profile.

These days I do only strategy. Thanks to semantic search, Social Media marketing, branding and SEO have largely converged. Bringing all this together within your organisation is never easy and in all likelihood you will benefit from knowing what has worked for others, what the issues that arise are and what you can do to best solve them. If you are interested in taking advantage of my experience in this area drop me a line explaining what you want and I will get back to you with the options available.

Before the pandemic I used to be about 50 speeches and presentations to business groups and corporate executives a year and hold an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media. Some of the events I have taken part in are:

  • Data Mining workshops
  • DringSales Executive Summit
  • SEO Conference 2015
  • SEO in the Sun (SEO & Introduction to Social Media)
  • Makolab 25th Anniversary - Semantic Day
  • EU PDW Summit 2014 -Thessalonika (Semantic Search and Content Marketing)
  • MxDE Senior Executive Program, Zug (Piercing the Search Bubble).
  • SMX East, NYC (Entities and semantic search)
  • Semantic Technologies and Business Conference, NYC (Traditional SEO is dead)
  • London SMX (Google Hummingbird and Semantic Search)
  • Manchester SES (SEO)
  • Business Group Digital Conference (SEO & Social Media)
  • Rutgers University mini-MBA (SEO and Social Media Crisis Management)
  • Shanghai APAC executive SEO & Social Media Crisis Management training.

When I am not writing I am usually reading or exercising. The pandemic taught me that time is a finite commodity. When I work, I do so remotely. If you think your organization can benefit from lower costs, higher personalization and a detailed follow-through, then get in touch. Working remotely is kinder on the planet, easier on my sanity, allows me to pack more in my presentations and it works out a lot cheaper for those who choose this route, so everybody wins. 

If you want to avail your company of behavioral insights, decision-science, search insights, social media marketing tips or social media crisis management and would like me to speak to your executives, your staff or senior management then contact me for available dates and format.

Semantic search technology and social media are changing everything. How we shape that change and what we do with the aftermath is down to us.