Are You Thinking Like a Data Company?


Everything we do is data. Even a lemonade stand is, essentially, a construct made out of the ingredients of the lemonade, the owner’s knowledge of his supply line, the algorithm that creates the price and the particulars that determine the cost of the stand, the determination of its placement and the reason for its set up, in the first instance. 

All of this is abstract which means it can be encoded, transmitted analyzed and be subjected to variations that will make it adapt to different local conditions. Every successful franchise, as McDonald’s and Starbucks have demonstrated, is adept at transforming itself into data which turns the brand into a data company.

Data companies have a particular mindset. They take information and abstract it into organized layers. That means they are staffed by people who don’t just see things. They see their nature and understand what it is that makes them what they are. 

That’s a smart way of doing business.

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